Drums And Totes - Isopropyl & Rubbing Alcohol

Totes and drums are two of the most common items used especially for bulk packaging of isopropyl alcohol. Each of these two has its own set of disadvantages and advantages. Drums or barrels as we commonly call it can be used multiple times. However plastic isopropyl drums should always be cleaned properly and then returned to their actual location before they can be reused. On the contrary, liquid disposable isopropyl totes are allowed to use only once. You actually do not need to ship them back to their original place or incur good losses in order to clean it. Remember liquid isopropyl totes can be easily recycled and reused each and every time. The disposable type of totes also helps in avoiding contamination because of their single-use property.

These liquid isopropyl totes generally contain a box made of cardboard with an interior liner made of three layers of polythene film. Liquid disposable totes can easily hold and transport different types of food-grade liquid and other non-hazardous chemicals. For example, totes can be easily used both for overseas export shipment and domestic transport shipment as well.

Isopropyl Totes

IBC tote or intermediate bulk containers are reusable, multi-user industrial grade containers that are specially engineered for mass transport, handling, and storage of liquids, pastes, or solids. In general, there are two different categories of IBC totes, flexible IBC totes and rigid IBC totes.

Flexible IBC Totes: Flexible totes are generally made up of wood, aluminum, fiberboard, and folding plastics. Folding IBC totes are generally made of very heavy grades of plastics. Their sides generally fold to the inner side when the unit is completely empty thereby allowing the tote to completely collapse into a small package for storage or shipment. Flexible intermediate bulk containers consist of polypropylene bags, woven polyethylene and are mostly designed for transporting and storing dry flowable products like fertilizers, plastic granules, or sands.

Rigid IBC Totes: Rigid IBC totes are reusable, stackable, and are versatile in nature with an integrated type of pallet base mount that helps in providing pallet jack maneuverability or forklift. These containers are either made up of plastic, metal, or by the composite construction of two different materials. Rigid IBC totes are mostly manufactured across a volume range that is in between of an intermodal tank container or shipping drum. Intermediate bulk containers are traditionally made up of high-density polyethylene plastic, carbon steel, composite of both plastic and galvanized steel, and stainless steel of 316/316L grade.

Isopropyl Drums

A isopropyl drum is basically a cylindrical shaped container that is used for the shipment of bulk isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl Drums can be made up of steel, plastics, or of dense paperboard which is also known as fiber drum. Generally, Drums are mostly used for the transportations and storage of either powder-based substances or liquids. Drums in most cases are certified for shipping hazardous materials. They are often termed as barrels in common usage.

Drums are typically made up of steel with a ribbed type of outer wall providing improved rigidity and for better rolling. The lids of the drums can be secured either by welding or by using a bolt ring or head gasket. Drums can also be made up of paperboard or durable type of plastic. They are very commonly used for the transportation of fuel, oil, alcohol, chemicals etc. Drums are mostly transported on pallets especially for shipping and for the ease of handling by a fork truck.

IBC Totes Vs Drums: What Are The Key Advantages?

In most industries, the standard fifty-five gallon round drum is mostly the preferred method of storing and moving isopropyl alcohol. Considering all the pros and cons, the IBC totes has got all the major advantages over these cylindrical shaped containers.

  • Disposable IBC Totes Are Mostly Lighter Than Drums: Disposable IBC totes weigh much less than that of the steel drums. Since they are much lighter than the plastic barrels, anyone can easily save up to twenty to twenty-five percent on the freight cost and fit more goods on the transport vehicle. On the contrary, steel drums weigh around sixty pounds each, which is far heavier than the regular light disposable totes. Adding to all these, disposable IBC totes can easily fit on a single skid. Anybody can easily lose 400 plus extra pounds of product to the container weight per skid with the help of large plastic barrels.

  • Quicker Unloading And Loading: With the use of IBC Totes, you can easily load and unload your product from the truck in much less time. Remember more volume can easily fit in disposable totes when taken in comparison to blue barrels or drums. The overall space required for fifty-five gallons of plastic drum dimension is fifty percent more than that of a 330-gallon liquid bulk container. In general, drums take much more time and even take up more space which can be critical in a transport vehicle or in a storehouse.

  • Reduced Handling and Faster Filling: Draining of disposable totes is a very quick process when taken in comparison to drums or barrels as because they can hold more product. With the help of a tote, you really don’t need to restart the whole draining process in order to receive the same volume drained or filled.

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