Why Choose Isopropyl Alcohol From The House Of Hbprochem

Isopropyl alcohol is an efficient chemical extensively used every day in various sectors. It is basically a flammable chemical compound that is completely colourless and it consists of a strong odour that can let your know its appearance instantly. Isopropyl alcohol is also known as sec-propyl alcohol, isopropanol, 2-propanol and rubbing alcohol.


Well, isopropyl alcohol is a very light chemical and it is easily miscible in chloroform, ether, ethanol and water. Moreover, it has the capability to dissolve alkaloids, natural resins, polyvinyl butyral, ethyl cellulose, various oils and many more.

If you add isopropyl alcohol to water, it will form azeotrope and the overall boiling point becomes 80.37C. However, in such a case, it provides a bitter taste and it is not safe to consume. Well, isopropyl alcohol available in the market is a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. Here, the mixture consists of 70% of alcohol and 30% of water. We also call it rubbing alcohol.


  • Solvent: Isopropyl alcohol has the capability to dissolve non-polar compounds. It can evaporate quickly and if we compare it with other solvents such as ethanol, you will find that it is comparatively non-toxic. Therefore, it is extensively used as a cleaning fluid and solvent. It generally leaves zero traces of oil after evaporating and therefore, it is used to dissolve oils. Nowadays, it is mainly used to clean DVD lenses, video or audio tape heads, electrical contacts, eyeglasses and many more.

  • Medical: Isopropyl alcohol is also used as rubbing alcohol. Yes, in such a case, the solution consists of almost 60% to 70% alcohol. It is also used in disinfecting pads and hand sanitizer. Water is also used in this solution because it opens up the pores of the bacteria. Thus, it creates a path for alcohol and then, alcohol instantly kills the bacteria and provides us with instant relief.

  • Laboratory: You might be surprised to know that this chemical is extensively used in the laboratory in order to preserve specimens. Yes, it is non-toxic and it has the same attributes that we find in the formaldehyde. There are many synthetic preservatives available in the market. But, when it comes to efficiency, nothing can beat isopropyl alcohol. DNA is completely insoluble in this alcohol and therefore, in the case of DNA extraction, it is also used.

Choose Isopropyl Alcohol from the House Of Hbprochem

We all are familiar with the positive outcomes of isopropyl alcohol and there are many suppliers selling this nowadays. But, you will not get fruitful outcomes from all of them. Isopropyl alcohol is used in many serious scenarios and so, in such a situation, you cannot compromise with the quality. This is why we have come up with the best option for you that will always give you high-quality isopropyl alcohol.

Hbprochem is a leading isopropyl alcohol supplier and the company believes in customer satisfaction and therefore, they always deliver this alcohol in the purest form. The foremost objective of the company is to create a long-lasting relationship with the consumers and so, the company offers high-quality products at a very reasonable price.


Hbprochem always tries to give their 100% and therefore, they deliver extraordinary service. The staffs in the company work hard in order to provide the customers with value-added services. The company has designed its products in such a way so that it can meet the standards across various industries. The company delivers its products for the following markets:

  • Aerospace: Aerospace industry maintains strict standards and Hbprochem understands it very well. Therefore, they deliver high-grade isopropyl alcohol that can fulfil the industry’s requirements. The company offers its different sizes of containers. The chemical is very effective and can be used as the cleaning solvent. The attributes of isopropyl alcohol make it an ideal choice for aviation professionals and mechanics.

  • Households: The household industry is another growing industry and isopropyl alcohol is playing an impactful role here. It has some solid attributes that make it ideal for household industry. Here, it is called rubbing alcohol and it is used as disinfectants, hand sanitizers and cleaners. It is also used to clean window blinds, makeup brushes, sinks, jewellery and many more.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Isopropyl alcohol solution consisting of 99% of alcohol is mainly used to analyse, purify, and decontaminate the compounds. The company delivers top-notch lab-grade products suitable for conducting various lab analysis such as GC, HPLC, TLC and many more. It is also used to quantify and characterize the chemicals.

Why You Choose Hbprochem

Hbprochem is one of the best isopropyl alcohol suppliers. There are certain reasons for this. Go through the following points to know more about it:

  • Finest Check: Unlike other isopropyl alcohol suppliers, Hbprochem runs multiple checks. They do it until they get the purest form of isopropyl alcohol.

  • Maintain The Balance: Well, the requirement is different for different industries. When it comes to household industry, the requirement of isopropyl alcohol in the rubbing alcohol is solution is 70% and on the other side, if we talk about pharmaceuticals, almost 99% of alcohol is required in the solution. So, maintaining the balance is very important and Hbprochem does it very well.

  • Best Quality: The Company knows how to maintain a good customer base and therefore, they try their best to deliver positive customer experience. The company maintains the quality of the product and the pricing. If you want the purest isopropyl alcohol at a very reasonable price, Hbprochem must be your ideal choice.

By now, you have probably understood why you should go with Hbprochem for purchasing isopropyl alcohol. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Hbprochem as early as possible.

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